Data Protection Office (DPO)

As a Service


Take care of your personal data!

The new EU directive on personal data, which enters into force mid-2018, implies that the rights of data subjects have been strengthened, and that data controllers and data processors are subject to new requirements when managing and handling personal data. For public authorities and certain private companies, the directive stipulates the demand for a Data Protection Officer. The tasks of the Data Protection Officer include advising the data controller and the data processor of how the company complies with the rules laid down in the directive, monitoring the company’s actual compliance with the rules and regulations and acting as a contact point for inquiries from data subjects and from the national supervisory authority. BaseLines offers to do the job as Data Protection Advisor (DPO) as a service. The service includes the following:

  • BaseLines implements and maintains data flow analysis’ that identifies the company’s personal data, and documents how personal data are stored and used by business processes and enterprise IT systems

  • BaseLines develops and maintains standard data sheets that can be distributed on demand to data subjects, and that in a simple way documents the purpose of the data processing, and graphically illustrates how personal data is used and processed by the company

  • BaseLines gennemfører konsekvensanalyser i forbindelse med nye databehandlingsaktiviteter

  • BaseLines develops and maintains operational risk assessments with associated risk treatment plans containing recommendations on how to strengthen the company’s internal controls in relation to the protection of personal data.

  • BaseLines handles inquiries from data subjects and the supervisory authority and produce reports documenting that the inquiries are handled according to the rules in the directive