Portfolio Office

As a Service

Take control over the portfolio

Where project and program management is about delivering decided initiatives the “right way”, portfolio management is about ensuring that the company decides to do the “right” initiatives, and that controls are in place to manage the execution of the overall portfolio of initiatives. BaseLines offers to serve as your Portfolio Office. Our services are based on principles, processes and methods from the MOP (Management of Portfolios) framework. Based on performance information from your company’s projects and programs BaseLines prepares and maintains

  • The company’s portfolio plan, which is baselined once a year, and constantly changes as new initiatives and priorities replaces old ones. The projects and programs included in the portfolio are categorized in a way that makes sense to your business

  • Priority proposals, which are based on an agreed upon prioritization model, and which continuously ensures that the portfolio contains the initiatives that the company believes are most important

  • A portfolio dashboard report that contains performance indicators that measure the efficiency by which the portfolio is executed, indicators of risk at the portfolio level and indicators of the dependencies between the portfolio’s projects and programs.