Enterprise Architecture

As a Service

Know your starting point
– as-is models

All too often new projects take a long time to get off the ground because they first need time to analyze the environment in which the project’s deliverables have to fit in. Which business processes are impacted by the project, and how does these processes use the enterprise’s current portfolio of applications? Which critical data objects could be identified, and how are they protected? What does the IT-infrastructure look like and so on and so forth.

BaseLines build a visual model of your business based on the visualization language ArchiMate. The model shows your company’s business processes and IT landscape, and is maintained regularly so that it always provides a current and realistic picture of the configuration of your enterprise. This as-is model can be used as a reference – a baseline – by all the company’s projects thereby ensuring that projects gain the necessary traction much faster. This will save your company both time and money.

Ignite your strategy
–to-be models

In many organizations a business strategy, if it exits, is a low calorie text on a glossy piece of paper. The specific concerns, drivers and goals of the executive management is typically described in very vague and general terms, and the way the strategy is to be realized through new or adapted business processes, applications and IT infrastructure is typically left for others to figure out.

Using the visualization language Archimate Baselines can help your business flesh out how your strategy affects specific “layers” of your business. What processes need to be adapted or completely removed, what new applications are needed, and what about the IT infrastructure? With a to-be-model of your company’s future architecture you get a powerful communication and dialogue tool that can be used to show how the strategy is realized through concrete projects and programs. This gives you a solid foundation for your company’s portfolio management. The to-be model is updated when the strategy is renewed.

If your company is managing programs based on the MSP-framework Baselines can model and maintain the program’s “Blueprint” by means of the Archimate modelling language. An Archimate based Blueprint can be used to graphically show exactly how each of the program’s tranches contribute to the program’s overall transformation.